Become Wealthy With Developing a Growth Money Attitude

Become Wealthy With Developing a Growth Money Attitude - Puran Rezvanpanah

Wondering how to become wealthy with no money? The solution lies in shifting your mindset.

Have you ever wondered why poor people usually remain poor, while the rich are getting richer? There’s a simple explanation and it’s directly related to their attitude towards money.
When it comes to becoming wealthy, there are 2 types of people based on their money mindset
Those in the first group don’t have enough of it but also don’t take the initiative to find ways to make more of it. Instead, such people are negative towards anyone who’s wealthy.
They blame rich people for having an easy life but at the same time show signs of hatred and jealousy. That prevents them from having balance in their life and they end up being miserable.
As for money, they consider it a bad thing. They complain about never having enough of it. But at the same time they aren’t willing to work hard to start a business or join someone else’s project because it requir
es a lot of time and there’s always a chance to fail.
One of the main laws of life, however, is that desire combined with action is the turning point of all accomplishment.
Which means that a man who’s set big goals such as to become wealthy with no money, must truly want to reach them.
Such a desire comes from within and it’s what drives him forward and helps him overcome obstacles such as doubts and fears.
It doesn’t come as a surprise that poor people remain poor for the rest of their lives. Their attitude towards money is wrong, their approach isn’t the right one either. And no one who doesn’t consistently do something to reach a dream deserves to be wealthy.
Let’s take a look at the second group of people according to the type of money mindset they share – the wealthy individuals.


Having an Abundance Mentality


All rich people and successful businessmen have a few things in common. Read on as this is a big part of learning how to become wealthy

First, they consider money a good thing.

Enough of it, when respected and spent in the right way, can provide for their loved ones, allow them to live an enjoyable lifestyle, and let them grow businesses and contribute to the world.

So they welcome money in their life

They see their bank account growing bigger in their head before anything actually starts to happen. That’s how they accept the abundance that’s coming towards them.
Such an attitude towards money
makes you initiative. As a result, you get rich.

Wealthy people don’t just lie in bed all day or spend time in their yachts. We’re not talking about celebrities and inheritors.

I’m describing the strategic, determined, hardworking and persistent men and women from history and of today who think big, grab opportunities when they knock on the door and are getting a step closer to the lifestyle they’ve planned for themselves every day.
They don’t take their eyes off the end goal. They create positive images in their head about money long before actually becoming wealthy. They have needs and must accumulate the amount of money necessary to meet them.
They are also different from poor people in how they talk about money.

They show respect, use powerful words, aren’t afraid to say they will own a lot of it a year from now and are even excited about all the new doors this financial freedom will open up for them.

In a nutshell, your mentality defines how to become wealthy with no money.

If you have a fixed mindset, you’ll accept that you have limits and just aren’t destined to have a lot of money.

The smarter approach towards decision making is to just pick one option and believe in yourself to such an extent, that you will make the most of it. It’s about being resourceful, determined and courageous.
Regardless of whether it’s money you want more of, career success, better social life and more meaningful relationships, or else, it’s always the one taking action who wins.
That’s also what helps you develop a positive attitude towards money and become wealthy.


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